Knipe Lab

Synthetic organic chemistry @ Queen's University, Belfast

Group Members

Group Leader

Peter C. Knipe




MSci Students

Rebecca Lister



Zac Lockhart


Zac grew up in Dromore, Co. Down, and is currently in the final year of an MSci degree in Chemistry at Queen's. For his Master's project, he is working toward the synthesis of foldamer analogues of protein tertiary structures. During his degree, Zac completed a twelve-month placement at AstraZeneca in their process chemistry department based in Macclesfield, England. He also spent two summer holidays during his degree working for Prof. Andrew Mills at QUB in the areas of redox catalysis and semiconductor photocatalysis. Outside of chemistry, Zac enjoy drumming, travelling, and binge-watching Netflix series.



Ryan McGhee






Leo was born in Deddington, Oxfordshire in 2016 and joined the Knipe research group soon thereafter.


His main interests are in sleeping, chasing anything that moves, and enantioselective methods for the construction of all-carbon quaternary stereogenic centres.